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Al Talaa Al Nadeed Contracting Company

AL-TALA AL-NADHID Company for General Contracting Ltd. has been established in 2005 in IRAQ, we have a very good experience executing many projects in Iraq by a qualified staff of engineers and technicians who received a very high training to do their work efficiently and with reliability.

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Tor Sinai Contracting Company

Toor Senaa Company for General Contracting Ltd. has been established in 2004 in IRAQ, and implement’s many projects in architectural and civil field, also in mechanical and electrical field, and so many other fields. We have grade Excellent in the general trading, grade three A in constructional field, and grade two K in electrical field.

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Romoz Al Technology contracting company

Romoz AL-Technologia was established in 2008 in Iraq. Its work is focused on trading and general contracting LTD. The company has extensive experience in the fields of supplying, construction, roads and bridges, sewage systems, water stations and electricity networks. The company also owns a number of factories including (girders for bridges with concrete ready for processing, and asphalt plant to inaugurate roads).

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Banking and finance  —

Tarik Al Baynah Financial Exchange Company

A local limited company active in the field of banking and trading in forign currencies

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Al Qastas Trading Company

Al Qestas General Trading is a leading commodity trading house based in Dubai established in 2011 and managed by a team of professionals having experience of more than 15 years in this field. Al Qestas is the local representative office of renowned global agri-business conglomerates with interests in the MENA region. We have an Established / Robust network dedicated to sourcing, procurement and sale of agricultural commodities.

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Al-Silsilah Trading Company

Al-Selsela Food Import and Export Company is important and vital because it has adopted basic and complementary products to meet the needs of the individual mainly, with good quality and at satisfactory prices. The company was established in UAE-Dubai in 2016 and has branches in Turkey, Istanbul & Sudan. In the midst of competitors we look forward to providing the best and the best.

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Anwer Al-Ferdaous Trading Company

Anwer Al-Ferdaous Company for trading and commercial .

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