In light of the great expansion of business and the high needs of services, our family companies in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates gathered under the cover of "Al-Selsela Group" to provide their services in an integrated and professional manner.

Our Vision

Leadership for all our services and products within our work environment.

Our Mission

Providing and developing the market by providing complete services to investors and customers throughout the Middle East, And building a safe and integrated work environment in all our work.

Our Principles

1- Credibility and commitment: We believe that the success of the customer experience with us is our success, so we are committed to achieving the satisfaction of our customers
2- Leadership and innovation: We focus on the principle of innovation and creativity in our business map and goals, and we aspire to be proactive and keep pace with the rapid development
3- Quality and efficiency: We seek to provide high quality in our services through evaluation, development and continuous improvement of our services
4- Professionalism: We look forward to achieving an outstanding level of excellence in the world of integrated services and seek to build a mutual growth relationship with clients.

Alselsela Group

Administrative Center

Mall of Istanbul, Turkey

+90 531 485 0388


Al Jamea’a Quarter, Baghdad, Iraq

+964 7711888890